About Me



Hi Everyone!

It is Juanita Heart here from Byron Bay.

This Blog is all about my Self Care & Self Love journey.

I love sharing all about me, what products i use, what i eat & what i am doing.

I have a massive passion for a sustainable lifesytle, organic & vegan foods and skincare products.

After a double back fracture, health problems and a nervous breakdown years ago, my passion is to help others slow down, heal and live their life by slowing down and not doing but Self caring.

I am a mummy to a beautiful 16 yr old boy Vlakyrie, 2 girl dogs Lou Lou & Chilli, 1 boy dog Dexter and a boy cat Mr Meowinstein.



I am always open for a chat or helping you with amazing product choices.

Add me on Instagram and Facebook to, check out my Contacts page if you would like to email or message me.

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