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Custom Perfume from Maison21g

October 4, 2021

Just got my hands on another beautiful Custom made for me perfume from @maison21g .
What an amazing Bespoke Perfumery this place is letting you hand blend your own perfume to your liking.
To choose mine I did their online personality test which is so easy to do and come up with a scent you will love. You can even customize the bottle it comes in.
My perfume is a blend of Oud Outshine which is sexy & outstanding and Fabulous Fig which is fresh & joyful. Together it creates a perfect perfume for me being deliciously addictive with a juicy fruit scent while being leathery and woody. I am overjoyed with this perfumery and it is definitely a must try.
Maison 21g are committed to being a cleaner perfume brand, using only sustainable, vegan ingredients and recyclable packaging.
Check them out at
@maison21g Use code M21Gjuanita_heart15.
Do your own personality test here here.

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