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The Fourth House Magic

March 17, 2021

My go to range for all things Magikal!
Keeping me connected to the Earth, Moon & Stars, cleansing my Aura and surroundings while bringing me back to Gratitude & Blessing this gorgeous Handmade range has me covered.
If you do not know what a Smudge stick or Palo Santo is, the little wood stick in the photo, & the bundle of dry herbs. You light them up and as they smolder you fan the embers to give off smoke. With this light fragranced smoke you can cleanse yourself and your house of stagnant energies. I open up my whole house and smudge in all the corners, underneath things, drawers and cupboards. I make this into a weekly cleansing space routine while also being a Self care ritual while i cleanse my own body.
The room & Auras spray are so easy to use daily while the Essential oil elixir is fabulous to take everywhere with you in your pocket or handbag.
This brand gives me so much Mojo for Self care!
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Candle from @stonedandinfused .

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