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Freya’s Nourishment

October 7, 2020

This brand i have been loving on for a while now and when i run out of these products i am straight onto topping them up again.
The Rose hand scrub is just the best ever, leaving my hands so soft and silky smooth with the most amazing Rose scent ever. I have just starting using this on my feet also 🌹.
The energy clearing mist which has little crystals in it clears stagnant energy & uplifts my house leaving a pleasant scent. I am also loving the new Intention roll ons, i got my hands on a Gratitude one this order and it come with the cutest little grey crochet cover to keep it protected. I love taking this everywhere with me so I remember to stay grateful for the gifts life brings me.
Such a beautiful range full of blessings and intentions.

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