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My Vital C

September 7, 2020

This is My Vital C, a liquid Immunity blend I have been taking over the last month. This is a easy supplement to take daily with only a teaspoon needed. My Vital C is a special blend of Nobel Prize winning chemistry, ESS60 in Organic extra virgin oil.

MyVitalC is a nano antioxidant that can stabilize free radicals. Antioxidants help relieve stress from our day to day exposure to pollution, ozone, pesticides, harsh cleaners, and smoke.

So what are the benefits of taking this? Well longevity, protection of the nervous system, lower blood pressure, improved sleep, anti inflammatory, antiviral, improved brain function while giving increased strength and vitality.

This supports my immune system in 5 powerful ways.
1 – Antibiotic
2 – AntiViral
3 – Antioxidant
4 – Anti-inflammatory as part of an anti-inflammatory diet
5 – Better Sleep which is good for your mental physical and emotional well being.
I am loving it and will continue to keep using. I have been feeling all round just better in general, definitely getting better sleep and my inflammation is better. I used to just take just MCT oil daily so this has definitely upped my game. This is a game changer with the added ESS60. I also have skipped getting the cold this season.

This year has all been about getting my health back on track and getting my power for life back.

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