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Project Mindfullness Course Review

May 2, 2020

Hey everyone much love and blessings to you all in this time on Earth 🌍. In Australia we have been on lockdown since late March. Everyone is at home except essential workers. I therefore have been still working as i work in Disability Independent living. For years i have been meditating, doing yoga and going to retreats. Each month & year i have evolved and worked on Self love, healing and Gratitude , but I haven’t always had the best concentration. Life does get busy for us all and so many times i have wish for all of it to stop. Well guess what? It did and in a huge way. The streets are empty and quite, the roads are clear & i openly hear all signs of nature. The world as we know has finally stopped and so have we. This is time for us all to work on ourselves.

This time i have really seen as a blessing for Mother Earth and also human beings. My time at home in the last month has been a inner journey, more reading, wholesome meals, meditation and journaling. In the first week of lock down i come across a online 30 day Mindfulness course called Project Mindfulness. It really called out to me with its description being , Access concentration is a trance-like state where your perception remains focused on your object-of-concentration. Yes, this is what i have been lacking and need some improvement. This course states it allows you to delve deeper within yourself, solving more complex emotional difficulties. This course is not easy but very important.

Well that had me sold and so i signed up. I love online courses as i am time poor and also do not run on a regular routine working shift work.

This course offers a mix up of videos, reading and exercises and i found the balance to be perfect for me. You can also go back and forth with the lessons or replay. This i did a few times depending on where my concentration was at. It offers a online community where you can connect with others doing the course and David the creator is always opened to help you with any queries & questions.

So not to spoil the course for anyone wanting to do it i will be doing a brief rundown of topics talked about and more of what i got out of it myself. Everyone’s experience will be different and everyone will take away a different review.

So the course helps you maintain a daily Mindfulness practice which is 15 minutes of breath work daily in your own time. The course starts with talking about how to stay with your breath & to focus on the alone. Well i thought i had this but nope my mind would stop. I would go really well for 5 minutes then my mind is like, oh you need to go wash up, what’s for dinner and did you pack your work bag. This is where i really had to step back from thoughts and just witness them and let them pass. Stay with your breath Juanita!

So i found to count with my breath started to work and internally saying in,in,in,in and out,out,out,out with the breaths. It all felt like counting sheep to get to sleep but after a few practices it started to work. Then I completed a whole 15 minutes and felt accomplished. A week in then i started to stop counting and just do ins and outs. So some people might question so your just sitting there breathing? Nothing else, well that is easy. Ha it is so far from it and i really had to put in effort this first week, it was almost frustrating and i wanted to just switch my mind off. By week 2 i was feeling more confident and stuck with internally saying in and out with my breaths. I would set a timer on my phone so i would know when my 15mins was up, sometimes i would be sitting down & sometimes laying down depending on how i felt.

So coming onto the end of week 2 it started again, the internally monologue. Work was also getting stressful due to Corona Virus and well i had the great idea to do a 15 calming meditation before doing my mindfulness exercise. I use apps or You Tube for easy calming meditations. So my mind would chatter away and i would just surrender and let go to the meditation and well 90% my mind had calmed down enough my Mindfulness practice was successful.

Now when i say successful to me it means achieving full focus on the present moment & acceptance of my thoughts, body sensations & my feelings. Throughout this practice i felt my Self love, Universal connection and Self awareness grow.

Week 3, well at this stage i am upping my timing to 20-30 mins and also doing a quick meditation before hand. This is where magic happened for me. In creating this beautiful space for myself to go within well some things come out. As the was mindfulness practice was working for me it was also enhancing my meditation. Belief systems where being questioned, Questions where coming up like Who i am really?, Am i really happy?, What is my true purpose? and the big one past traumas where coming up for me both mentally and physically. The reading and exercises within the course really helped me this week get through these questions and thoughts paired with me seeing a great Osteopath to release my body ailments.

Week 4 i starting feeling lighter within myself, unbelievably happy & calm and also looking forward to my daily practice, even if it was 11pm at night after a 12 hour shift. I have even started doing my breathing practice when i go for dog walks or walk to work. I find i am not getting stressed out at work like i used to and my connection with myself feels anew. I have found a solid 30 minute practice is now forming as a routine and i am super proud of myself. I am now ready to dive even deeper into myself and meditations.

What i got out of this course was it helped me achieve the mindfulness i was looking for, it also showed me the difference between meditation and mindfulness. I know this practice is just going to keep helping me go so much deeper and more focused within my meditations. In all i have a new look on my life, my beliefs, my identity & let go of so much that does not serve me anymore. I let go of so much fear even small fears I didn’t realize i was holding onto and helped me to surrender to into myself. Definitely feeling more Gratitude even for the tiniest things, so much more Self forgiveness and forgiveness for others and feeling truly connected. I was thinking this course would of been great to do years ago as i think the key to trans formative meditation is having great mindfulness. Like anything the more you work on it the better you become and Mindfulness is definitely some i will continue to work on for the rest of my life.

I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for Mindfulness, Self inquiry & enhancing your meditation experience. A great course to do in the comfort of your home at your own leisure with full support from the course creators. Want to know anymore or have any questions feel free to leave below.

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Also find Project Mindfulness on Instagram


Sending Love & Blessing to all beings, thank you for reading.

Juanita Heart ❤️

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    May 3, 2020 at 12:03 am

    Wow this sounds amazing, glad you got heaps out of it. Will check it out

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      May 3, 2020 at 12:59 am

      Oh please do ❤️🙌

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