Retreat yourself

April 19, 2020

Weekend feels right here getting into my @retreatyourself_box .
I pulled my nerve in my hip/buttocks and let us just say wow it is so painful. Lucky i could get into my Therapist on Friday to release some of this pinching. So rest has been my go to the last few days and well these treats have helped it along.
Lathering myself in my Self love roll on from @botanist.aromatherapy which has been calming my senses, giving my face lashings of the Bulgarian Rose Otto face exlixir which nourishes & well smells super amazing then popping on my beautiful eye mask from @ettitudestore and let my mind and body relax and restore. I have also been listening to some guided meditations to take my mind off this burning pain.
Feeling blessed i have so many Self care treats at my house to use and this week i will definitely getting into so many of them. My pain is feeling so much better than friday & hopefully i have a rapid recovery this week.
Happy Mondays everyone 🙂 hope you all have some Selfcare planned for this week.
@retreatyourself_box .

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