Charcoal Micellar Water

February 11, 2020

Now i have tried Micellar waters before but never a black one! Yes once you shake this bottle it is black & what does black mean in skincare? Well normally Charcoal & i love Charcoal in my skincare as it’s so good for drawing out impurities & also opens pores.
This is the Cleansing Micellar water from @naturasibericaau The Northern Collection & it comes at a super savvy price to.
With Organic extracts of Melilot, wild northern Cloudberry, Siberian Geranium, Birch & Limonnik nanai it stimulates renewal & infuses skin with vitamins.
I have been using this daily after work to cleanse & energize my skin, even gentle around the eyes. Another winner for me is this product is soooo good at removing my make up & even though this is black in the bottle it comes out nearly clear on your cleansing pads. As it does have a slight tingle on the skin I wouldn’t recommend removing eye make up with it but it’s a gem for my mineral make up powders.
Another fabulous product i love from this EcoCert brand.
Who else loves Charcoal in skincare?

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