Magnesium Sleep Lotion

November 28, 2019

Who loves Magnesium?@amazingoilsmagnesium have done it again with a outstanding Magnesium product.
This is the Magnesium pro sleep lotion with Chamomile & Lavender to relax your mind & relieves sleeplessness.
I have been using Magnesium daily for years now to help with stress, headaches, pms symptoms , restless legs and to enhance my sleep. Have noticed a huge difference since using it.
This lotion is great to rub all over after your shower and then drift off to sleep. Leaving your skin soft & with a beautiful calming natural scent.
Australian made & premium quality Check out this range at @amazingoilsmagnesium .
This range covers everything Magnesium with so many different products.
@amazingoilsmagnesium .

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