Pam Bam Organic Youth Antidote

Wow my skin is popping! Pam Bam Organics Youth Antidote Anti-Aging Facial cream is a Vitamin packed superhero for your face.

This amazing Organic product gives you the nourishment your face deserves & desires. Decreasing wrinkles, deeply moisturising & totally brightens your skin till you pop. My skintone has become really even & creamy using this and i totally love the scent & consistency of this cream.

Packed with goodness like Vitamin B & C, Red Clover flower, Folic acid & Coenzyme Q10.

I have been using this morning and night after cleansing with the Clayshake Cleanser which i will be reviewing soon.


Definitely a Popping range with refreshing branding. Check it out at Pam Bam Organics


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