Black Bamboo Mist

This skin drenching Black Bamboo mist from Haru Haru Australia takes me away to a rain drenched rainforest.

It is a fine mist spray supplying a cooling hydration & deep nourishment that absorbs quickly.

Rich in nutrients from naturally fermented Black Bamboo & Bamboo shoot extract.

I will love this in summer as i would put in the fridge & aaahhh extra cooling & so refreshing.

At the moment i am using during the day as my skin does get dry & dull being in wind or working under fluro lights. I love grabbing this mist for my immediate does of healing moisture. It is very lightly scented to that dispells once sprayed.

I must say totally love the packaging & colour of bottle. @haruharu.australia Is made with 95% naturally derived ingredients, Cruelty free & Vegan friendly. This is good for all skin types & easily irritated skin.


Haru Haru Australia


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