Feeling a little RAD with Environ

Do you use sun protection in winter?

Something I never used to think about until i learnt more about my skin & started to age 😂.

Now i make a note to wear it whenever i know I’m outside for a day or a couple of hours.

This is the Environ Rad sun care cream i got from Sensa Skincare

Rad SPF 15 is a non greasy, easy to apply cream that you can use on your whole body & face. It is PABA free so a huge plus for sensitive skin. I also apply this under my make up for all day protection.

It offers broad protection against UV-A & UV-B rays while supplying skin with Essential antioxidants for enhanced protection from environmental influences.


I have been loving the feel of this cream on my skin & loving the protection it offers. It is also fragrance & preservative free.


Sensa Skincare


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