Pacific Scents Organic Essential Oils

Brighten your life up with Organic Essential oils from Pacific Scents . This is a superb & extensive range all bottled in Australia with the highest organic ingredients used.


I use Essential oils in my home daily, i make my own cleaning products & rooms sprays, love a few drops in the diffusers and love making my own perfumes. Plus let’s not forget each Essential oil comes with it’s own benefits & properties. More to come soon what i am doing with this range.

Pacific Scents is a family owned business that produces Essential oils and distills Sandalwood oil. With over 70 Essential oils, Organic carrier oils and Floral waters this range has you covered for all your Aromatherapy needs. All sourced from trusted suppliers and come with a 100% satisfaction & money back guarantee.

Making sure your Essential oils are 100% pure, alcohol & preservative free & high quality is a must to get all the benefits from using them.

Do you use Essential Oils? What is your favourite?


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