Black Rice Facial Oil from Haru Haru

From the new Wonder Black rice range from Haru Haru Australia we have the Black Rice Facial oil.


I use this as the last step on my morning & evening routines. The Star ingredient in this beauty is Black rice bran oil which is packed with a high concentration of polyphenols & flavonoids. These protect skin against free radicals and encourages new skin cell growth. Other ingredients include Jojoba,sweet almond, sunflower seed & Lavender oil to further protect skin & soothe irritations. The Wonder technology delivers Fermented black rice extract deeply into skin with sphere-shaped liposome infused in Panax Ginseng Root.


You only need a few drops of this & it has a watery consistency. It absorbs fast leaving a soft, fresh & non sticky surface. This is for all skin types leaving a refreshing glow.

Made from 95% natural ingredients, vegan friendly, cruelty free & made with EWG safe ingredients.


Comes in a beautiful colourtoned glass bottle.

More to come about this range soon.

Haru Haru Australia


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