Baimeni Skin popping Eye & Face Serum

If i could compare my skincare to paint then this versatile skin popping serum from Baimeni is my undercoat. I put this on under everything! It soaks in so fast leaving a matte finish. This serum plumps my skin so well, like i feel it working instantly. I also use this under my make up primer as a skin popping base.

This signature Eye & Face serum is formulated using some of the most nourishing & regenerative ingredients to help combat the ageing process. Hyaluronic acid has a amazing ability to help retain moisture in the skin which gives us some plumper & hydrated skin and helps with those fine lines.

This is my second winter now with this product and loving it. In winter is when i really need to stay on top of my skincare and give my skin more love. Double serum and double oil 😃, maybe even triple if any moisture loss is happening. I stocked up on 3 bottle on the last sale it’s that good😆 . Anyone else stock up when a fav is on sale?



Check out @baimeni for natural & Organic skincare.


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