Savoury Gluten free Keto Muffins

😱 Savoury Gluten Free Keto Muffins anyone?


My delish delight tonight with the Lower Carb muffin mix from @melindasgfg , with dairy & egg free options. This mix took 5 mins to mix up & i added coconut oil, almond milk and eggs. Then i mixed in some spring onions, grated cheese and smoked ham. Bake for 15-20 mins and mmmmm ready to eat. They come out with a crispy outside and a soft savoury centre.

This pre mix does have a touch of vanilla in it so the next time i try this i will add a little crushed garlic. So happy to find this easy versatile sweet or savoury Gluten free mix. I purchase this at my Local Iga store.


Melindas Gluten Free Goodies


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