Kakadu Plum Antioxidant Mask by Baji skincare

Face masks are always my go to Self care treat as they are so easy & you can pop on while cleaning the house 🤣🤣.

This weekend i used the Kakadu Plum Antioxidant Formula. This comes already made up and ready to apply. I put it on easily & it is a army green colour. It dried within 10 minutes and washed off really easy.

It is a combination of green & ultrafine Australian Zeolite Clay with active ingredients Tea tree oil, Lilly Pili Extract, Rosewood Oil, Macadamia Oil & Aloe Vera Powder.


This mask draws out impurities unclogging pores while cleansing & detoxifying. It revitalised my skin leaving it soft and supple.

Been giving myself more face masks lately while i have been doing My Gut right cleanse, i have been detoxing and getting lots of little pimples come out. I find a face mask just draws them out easily & clears skin up.


Who loves a good facemask?


Baji Skincare


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