Silk Only

Silk is not only luxurious it is truely seductive.

I am so blessed to get my hands on this immaculate 100% Mulberry Silk pillow @silk_only .

Silk provides a soft shield your skin & hair while you sleep. Silk is known to keep skin smooth & reduce wrinkles while giving you a refreshing sleep.

I know my hair loves it and doesn’t seem to get matted or tangled when i sleep on silk. I also feel like a princess 👸 waking up all silky and sliding off my pillow ready for my day.


Swipe to see the feature, my name is embroidered in the pillow. Making it all the more personal & lavish.


All @silk_only products are made with the finest Luxurious Silk in a variety of colours.

Doesn’t every woman love a little indulgence?


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