Good Morning πŸ˜€

I never used to like the mornings, now they are my life.

This gives me some time to ease into my day. Have a cup of Moringa tea @theherbalteacup and play with some affirmation cards or write in my journal @myyogalifestyle_namaste . Since i have been making time for myself in the mornings my days don’t seem as rushed and i am more settled.


Aaahhh I am Capable! Just the card i needed to get me back on track today. The doubts that start creeping into your head as you get older, change jobs, study or do something new.

Yes I AM CAPABLE and so are you β€οΈπŸ’‹.


I am off to work now for a fun filled day and all ready with my @hiprosnacks Fava beans, one of my favourite ways of snacking. I do love snacks if anyone has noticed 🀣🀣.


If you haven’t signed up to my Blog link is in window.


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