Baji Skincare

Totally loved that little weekend break to restore my mind & body.

Been treating myself all over with @bajiskincare natural & organic skincare range. I gave my body a lovely wash with the Kakadu Plum, avocado & vanilla body wash. This always leaves my skin so soft and nourished with a subtle scent.


My hair absolutely loves the Argan Oil hair serum. This calms all my frizz leaving it exceptionally shiney & is rich in Vitamin E.


With winter ❄️ coming you want extra skin protection with a Certified Organic Rosehip or Argan Oil. I always think of it like this, if my skin is dry it is starting to wrinkle. I will double oil to when my skin is extra dry.

I love the Rosehip oil over my night cream but if my skin is feeling dry im the mornings i will put a coat under my make up also.


@bajiskincare has 50% Organic Argan & Rosehip oil with my code Juanita21. With a deal like this definitely time to stock up.


@bajiskincare .


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