Moringa Tea time

Had the most relaxing day yesterday and had that to do list. I just look at the list and let it go. I told myself it is ok not to do anything today and just rest you body & soul.

Works out so good when you can let this happen, i woke up this morning after a beautiful slumber with loads of energy and have already half completed my to do list.

Sitting down to have a morning Moringa tea with @theherbalteacup . Moringa has been my go to lately boosting my immune system, rich in antioxidants and helps fight fatigue.


Loving having today off as well for a long weekend, just what my body was calling for.


Have a great day all.


@theherbalteacup .


#theherbalteacup #herbaltea #tea #teatime #ilovetea #moringatea #yum #delish #goodmorning #byronbay #juanitaheart



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