Who is Cold?

Well who is cold? 🥶❄️.

Definitely snapped this week to a frosty snowman ⛄️.

I have just finished my round of study and wow poof the year is half gone. Over the next few weeks i want to catch up on some much needed self care & relaxation.


Looking forward to my lonh weekend and some more me time over the next week.

The one thing i have done over the last week is top up in my @bambootex Bamboo clothing, socks, undies and woohoo look what i just got my hands on, the new Bamboo Scarf range.

I love this colour blue and i am loving your colour range to. Such a great way to brighten up your winter clothing.

Of course Bamboo always keeps me warm and extra soft to feel up 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Who wants a hug? 🤗.


Have a fabulous thursday all, the weekend is nearly here.


Thanks @tffashionhouse for your great range of @bambootex


#bambootex #winter #staywarm #clean #green #sustainable #bambooclothes #soft #scarfs #selfcare #selflove #hello #juanitaheart #ballina #fashion #foreverywalkoflife



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