Zuii Organic Body Wash

My favourite things in the mornings are a cup of tea & my shower 🚿.

My shower is where i blissfully set intentions for my day & set my mood.

Lately i have had @zuiiorganic Certified Organic Flora Moisturising body wash join me.

This is a highly joyous blend of Bamboo, Green tea & Chamomile invigorates me while being luxurious and best of all 100% soap free.

Lightly scented with a natural blend of citrus & Vanilla that delights my skin.

I leave the shower like i have just been through a Organic car wash, nourished, hydrated ,silky smooth & smelling great.

Now to hide this little piece of heaven away from the rest of family 🤣. No really i will buy them one to and share, i promise.


Looking for a soap free body wash? Or a Certified Organic one, well head over to @zuiiorganic and check out this goodness.


@zuiiorganic .


Check out my Blog, link in Bio.


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