Bugsey Bee Handmade

It overjoys me to find more sustainable products to use in my house & on my skin.

The use of make up wipes were getting me down & i was on the look out for sustainable option. So happy to find these Bamboo facial wipes from @bugseybeehandmade .

I love Bamboo products and they are long lasting while being forever soft.

These wipes are a great sizing to, the best i have found.

I also got some Bamboo wipes that i use for my skincare routines and also house cleaning.

Easy to soak and wash clean for re-using.

Have you thought about replacing throw away wipes and make up pads to a more sustainable option?

Not only is it better for the environment it also saves you $$$ & supports handmade products.


Check out @bugseybeehandmade for these wonderful items.



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