Zuii Organic Lipsticks

Certified Organic Flora Lipsticks from @zuiiorganic are the most creamy & nourishing lipsticks on the market.

Reinforced with Jojoba & Sunflower Oil, rich in Vitamins and have the most uplifting Rose scent. I must say these are the best smelling lipsticks i have ever come across. These leave my lips soft, nourished and totally kissable πŸ’‹.

Just got my hands on a Satin Lip Colour in Tango to so that is my go to for today and will be sharing my thoughts soon.


Looking for Organic, Vegan and Cruelty free make up? Well look no further than @zuiiorganic My one stop shop for all things Make up πŸ˜€.


Check out my Blog link in Bio.


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