The May Yoga Box

Had some great much needed down time yesterday. I finally feel like i am restoring myself after all the study & work placement.

Had fun playing with the May @theyogaboxau packed with goodness from @rawhalo @sunbearsunscreen @the_ginger_people @botanicaltrader and some special crystal treats, Lava stone bracelet, Clear quartz sphere & a Clear quartz geode plus my fav Wild Orange Doterra Essential oil.


I got my room smelling extra zesty, surrounded myself in crystals and layed there eating chocolate while pondering about life đŸ„ł. What a great afternoon.


Get your hands on a great box like this at @theyogaboxau it gets delivered to your door monthly. Use code JUANITA for $10 off.


#theyogaboxau #yoga #monthlybox #subscriptionbox #juanitaheart #byronbay #crystals #selfcare #selflove #invigorating #peace #restful #sundays



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