Organic Tea Time

Starting my week off right with a delish Jasmine Green Tea with Rose from @organicmerchant . So glad i can have some down time over the next few weeks before my next lot of study starts. Got a bit of catching up on Instagram to πŸ˜€.


This is a naturopathically blended Certified Organic herbal tea made from Jasmine green tea & Rose petal. I especially love the glass jar packaging.

Jasmine green tea has high concentrations of antioxidants & anti-inflammatory properties, it also promotes beautiful healthy skin & boosts your immune system.


I get this tea and all things Organic fromΒ Sassy Organics who offers 10% off storewide with my code JUANITA10.


Sassy Organics


Have a wonderful start to the week.


Cup & plate from @beneaththetreefern .

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