Chill out juice time

At last it is the weekend. I have been truely overwhelmed the last few weeks with work & study. I have one more week of study and can’t wait to have some down time.

Made some delish cold pressed juice today to pair with my @kitzlivingfoods slice 😋. I love wrapping my snacks in the @beeutifulbeeswaxwrap and saves from using any plastic.

Wanted to try out my new Bamboo straws from @theotherstraw they come in a 5 pack with a cleaner in a handy pouch. I got these straws from @sassyorganics my one stop shop for all sustainable & Organic products.

Sassy Organics use code JUANITA10 for a discount storewide.


Have a great Saturday all. Stay tuned i have a little Mother’s Day Giveaway coming on next post.


#juice #kitzlivingfoods #sassyorganics #theotherstraw #organic #juanitaheart #snacks #selfcare #foodie #sustainable #beeswaxwraps #healthy


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