The Crystal Castle

Wow i was like wide awake all night & feel totally super charged this morning.

The moon πŸŒ“ was amazing last nighy & i have had my crystals out in those Moonbeams.


What a wonderful weekend to work on releasing what no longer serves you & manifesting your dream life. My intuition has been high all week & i can feel the vibration lifting worldwide.

My Self Love Sunday is going to be extra special tomorrow, so much has been released this week & i feel fresh & anew. Sending Love beams out to all beings 😘😘😘.



Here’s some more snaps of me Crystal hugging πŸ˜‚ at the @crystalcastlebyronbay .

There Crystal Castle is a beautiful place to unwind within nature. There is also a cafe & giftshop and multiple walks.

The Crystal are massive and they have a huge variety. Definitely a place to visit if in Byron Bay.


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