Self Tan Experience with Zuii Organic

Well here it is! My video of my Organic Self Tan experience with @zuiiorganic .


This is a New release from @zuiiorganic the Organic self tan kit.

I must say i am totally impressed by all the products.

It has given my skin a great natural glow with absolutely no streaks at all.


The Tan Applicator mit is a great product and spreads the tan out evenly and stops all streaks.

I will run through the order i used the products, also my last photos were taken the next day after leaving tan foam & cream on overnight. I did see a instant glow on my skin but leaving on overnight gave me the best effect.


So first i applied the Gradual face cream, this rubbed on easy and left no streaks. My face has a beautiful natural glow and i am now on day 3 and it is still lasting. Then i applied the body gradual tan cream.


Next i applied the Tanning foam with the black application mit, this was very easy to apply and the mit was so soft on my skin. I rubbed this all over my top section, neck & bust. It was non sticky & was lightly scented. Normally the smell & stickiness turns me off fake tan products. I must say this foam was a winning product for me.


After my foam i used the Luminiser, this gave my skin that glow & shimmer we all want without it looking fake.


I topped it off with the Highlighter on my face, collarbones & shoulders. Perfect shimmer & shine for me.

As i said before i applied all this and left it on overnight. When i woke up and showered i was so happy with the colour & feel of my skin.

After my morning shower i just topped up with some more tanning foam & some highlighter. I am now on day 3 and I’m so happy with the results. I will now just top up with more foam every 2 days to maintain this glow, plus use the highlighter.

I have seen no streaks, patches or drop out in this tanning product.

So impressed and happy it is organic & a great product. This will keep me glowing all winter 😀.


Check this out at @zuiiorganic .


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