I have Hives!

Take me back to last week! This is me enjoying my day at @thegrounds in Sydney. .

Anyone who has been watching my stories knows i had a food allergy last weekend & now have red itchy hives really bad on my face. I am now on day 5 and suffering a little. I haven’t been able to take any days off so just powering through amd so against my Self-care routine. I’m super tired so going to bed soon 😂.

Any advice anyone has for red, slightly blistering, hives on the face i will take it. I also have red dry patches that are starting to flake.

So what have i been doing for it, so far cold compress, using on my dry patches @cocooilspf Lime Aftersun Organic Coconut oil by the day & @bajiskincare Organic Rosehip Oil at night.

I have been trying to stay away from lights and the sun also. My skin is starting to feel really scaly and the puffiness has gone done.

I am going to love having a rest day this sunday, I can’t wait 😊. I will be also be laying around catching up on my self-care with the newly launched @tllcollective ❤️.


#selfcare #selflove #juanitaheart #hives #rest #thegrounds #sydney #myfaceisburning



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