Bee One of a Kind Magnesium Spray.

Magnesium oil is a daily staple for me. I have a few brands and products going at any one time.


I was so happy to see this in the May @theyogaboxau .

This is the Bee one of a kind Magnesium oil from @beeoneofakind94 .

It is a blend of 100% premium grade magnesium flakes derived from the dead sea, filtered water and some Lavender essential oil.


What do you use Magnesium for you ask?.

Well i use it for Muscles aches & pains, after working out, cramping including Moon time., headaches & aniexty.

The blend with Lavender i really prefer as my night time spray. I spray on my joints after a shower morning & night. Some people do say it is a little sticky but I don’t notice anymore as it’s a daily part of my self-care routine. .

Thanks @theyogaboxau For this amazing treat ❤️. @beeoneofakind94 .


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