Vegan Made Delights Halva Tower.

Good Morning! I have been getting in so many delish breakies lately. I am really starting to enjoy my early starts & watching the sun rise. A delish treat always gets me in a great mood for the day to.

Starting the day off the best way with Vegan Made Delights . This is my Halva bar tower with Halva spread inbetween. I used the plain & cacao flavours to give it a nice twist. Swipe to see the goodness close up.

Pair it with a Turmeric Milk and my tummy is all happy.

Organic, raw, vegan & Gluten free 👌👌🤤🤤.


Head over to Vegan made delights to get this sort of goodness in your mouth now.


Have a fabulous day all.


#veganmadedelights #vegan #raw #organic #glutenfree #healr #juanitaheart #byronbay #sesameseeds #nutrition #delicious #delish #yummy



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