The Crunchy Onion Rings

Who loves Onion rings?

I must say these were the tastiest & crunchy rings i have ever had.



Crumb mix was Protein crumb by @rawearthproduce . Mixed with some salt& pepper, Panko crumbs, Pcikld seasonings Chilli & Savoury Coconut.

I used rice flour & eggs to crumb, then freeze for 2 hours then do a egg & crumb again, freeze for another 2 hours.


Shallow fry in Coconut oil @nutraorganics . Good to serve & sprinkle some more Chilli from @pickldit . We served these with some garlic mayo. 🤤 so delish & very easy to make 😀.


Use my code JUANITA10 for Pickld seasonings.


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