Baji Skincare.

This is the Certified Organic Argan oil from Baji Skincare.

Definitely my go to oil for my face and hair. Baji Skincare also makes a Argan oil Hair serum as well. This is one of nature’s most powerful Antioxidants. .

With Winter here i double or triple oil my face daily. Also is fabulous on those stretch marks, nails and my hair. I also love to put some in my ends and at the roots of my hair. Also when i do my hair or face masks i add a few drops to it. This keeps my skin nourished and my hair & nails strong and shiny.


Baji Skincare is offering 50% off Argan & Rosehip oils with my code Juanita21. Get ready for winter with this great deal and best of all it is Certified Organic.


Check out this Certified Organic oil range at Baji Skincare

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