Q Silica Skincare Range.

I have just finished these 3 great products from Q Silica Vegan Silica Supplements and Skin care range.


This range has been my go to in those breakout times. I was searching for a chemical free spot gel and found it here. The clear spot contains Willow Bark, Mineral Silica & Tea Tree extracts with soothing Aloe Vera & Cucumber extracts. Really helped clear up my spots quickly & naturally drawing them out.


The Renew Stimulating Facial mask infused with Colloidal silica was a great mid week mask to brighten my skin & give a smooth skintone. The naturally clear skin cleanser was great to use, it rebalances and tones as you cleanse. Really good to use at your breakout times. Packed with Vitamin E, Jojoba & Mineral Silica.


I have also got my hands on the Skin Regeneration Beauty Sleep Vegan 🌱 Tablets to support your body’s natural regenerative processes overnight. Ingredients include Colloidal silica, Chamomile, Magnesium & Valerian to help you sleep & regenerate at the same time.

Totally happy with this range and will be using again. Check this out at Q Silica


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