Nectar Botanicals Handmade Soap Range

Ah this soap range from Nectar Botanicals

From the beautiful way they are handmade to the stamp & tag put on them. Plus the natural ingredients, love and care put into all products.

This skincare range from @nectarbotanicals is truely devine. I have been using these products for over a year now & keep going back for more.

The soaps are made using pure Australian Extra virgin olive oil castile siap, Essential oils, raw organic honey, herbs & spices, goats milk, botanicals and pure coconut cream.

How can you go wrong with this? You can’t 😆 only problems is alot of it looks and smells good enough to eat. 😂.

This is definitely one of my favourite brands & i love every product that comes from it.

Check this beautiful handmade range out at Nectar Botanicals



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