Restful Sundays

This morning i am re creating space for myself. After a huge week non stop i just want to be. Using my The Yoga Box tools to diffuse some Essential oils, spray my space with some beautiful room spray. Doing some soft gentle yoga & meditation 🧘‍♀️. Then having a nice long bath, face mask and washing that hair. Time to relax, reflect, restore and get in that self care time that is well needed.


I remember back years ago in my life where i felt guilty to give myself time or space and who it really did effect me more than i knew. Now I can’t even think about not doing it. It is times like this i have time to let go and call in what i want and need. I also have time to reflect what i am grateful for so more just keeps coming to me.

Feeling blessed on this raining Sunday morning.

Have a fabulous day and have some time to yourself today.


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