Australian Wedge Tail Eagle 🦅

This was the best experience i have had on planet earth so far. Meeting Stella the wedge tail eagle. She has a 2.1 meter wing span and weighs 4.9kgs.


I find this bird truely magnificent. She flys so high so fast and can use her eagle eye to zoom in on anything she wants. I was swinging food on a rope to get her to land on my arm. I had a thick leather arm band on with a landing pad for her or her claws would of ripped me apart.


See her coming straight towards me as she was dive bombing in the air was exciting while being a little scary. You must hold yourself strong with your arm out ready like a tree branch, as she landed on it i let my knees bend. She spread her wings wide and looked straight in my eyes. As I connected with her i felt nothing but Love. Then a fed her and watched her enjoy her raw meat. I watched her play on the ground and dance around then up and away she went again. Sometimes she went so high i could hardly even see her, but as soon as i started swinging my rope with food she was sure to come back.


I have been seeing Eagles lately circling in the sky on my beach walks. I feel close to these animals and love the freedom the have.


This experience was at O’Reillys Rainforest Resort Queensland. A truely beautiful place to have this experience. I will for sure be doing this again in my time on Earth.



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