Retreat Yourself Autumn Box

Treating myself while retreating with Retreat Yourself Box

I love this seasonal box full of self care & yummy treats. I took this to my Yoga retreat so i had so much needed me time to go through it and enjoy it all. This Autumn 🍂 box had a great mixture of products and is such great value.

So we have goodness from @blossombrewau , @coconutbowls , @seaandclay , @matcha_maiden , @camelsbackbamboo , @bean_body_care , @morlife_ , @skintoxco , @shelbys_hh , @peaceandcoofficial , @labangbody , @picspeanutbutter , @barebybauer , @lovefoodforhealth & @beanopini . Plus a store voucher for @avilathelabel .


So happy with this overflowing box of Self love & Care. Already got into a few products and loving them. More to come anout these products soon.


Why not Re-Treat yourself with this box Retreat Yourself Box


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