Hello Fridays.

Good morning & happy fridays. I am glad it is the end of the week and really looking forward to my Self love sunday this weekend.


Since coming back from my Yoga retreat i have been non with work, study, animals, cooking & cleaning so hard to come back to that stillness the retreat offered. The one little trick i have is 10-20 mins retreats in your day. This morning i have a whole half hour to myself. So poured a Pukka Teas busted out some Kitz living foodssnacks 🤤 and writing in my notebook while speaking affirmations i got in my The Yoga Box . You can always have a retreat in your head 🤣🤣. Today i am setting new intentions and goals for the week ahead, i find baby steps work so much better for me.


Well here’s to friday all, have a fabulous day and take 10mins just for yourself today even if it is you locking yourself in a toilet 😀.

Self care is a must for us all.


Use code JUANITA for $10 off your The Yoga Box


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