Zuii Organic Tanning Products.

Well the weather has definitely changed and this weekend daylight savings changes. This means less sun & beach time for me. This equals less summer glow & tan for my skin. Lucky i have the best Certified Organic Vegan Tanning products to get me through this winter.

I love the Self Tanning foam which you all heard me rave about all summer and here are a few other products that help keep that healthy summer glow also.

The Flora Luminising cream is my go to for under my make up, leaving my skin with a subtle luminescent glow. A blend of Bamboo juice, Green tea & Chamomile extract that soaks in easy and is non greasy.


The gradual face tan lotion i use as my morning moisturizer as it hydrates and boost collagen. This has active tan ingredients so i apply this with my tanning mitt, gives my face a natural tan. It has a powder finish & i follow this with the Flora Luminising cream.


The dry oil tan extender is a combining blend of Almonds, Sunflower and Camellia seed oil. This refreshes your tan and give a fabulous glow. I love using this on my arms and legs. It really nourishes your skin & gives that healthy glow.


I love Zuii the most for the fact it keeps me skin looking natural with all products. I also don’t feel it on my skin which is a key point for me. I really don’t do greasy or heavy products. The other point is

Zuii Organics is Australian made, Cruelty free, Certified Organic & 🌱 Vegan.


Check out these products at @zuiiorganic .


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