Retreating in Australia.

Visiting Australia is exciting and with so much to do like visiting Cities, Beaches and immersing yourself in adventure, sometimes we forget how quiet and surreal the nature is. Australia has some of the most magnificent mountain & rainforest scenery filled with unique trees, flowers and animals.

Family and friend holidays are great and also exciting but also a bit of work. Planning, booking and also getting caught up in doing. Also there is meal time to worry about daily especially if you have taken the children sometime making a holiday a little stressful instead of relaxing.

A few times a year I love to unplug and get in some radical Self Care with a retreat. What does this mean? Well it means i want to shut off my mind, stop doing, get off the phone, let go of all my duties and just BE. This is my time for me to restore, reflect, heal and also fill my cup back up.  It is a challenge to rest at home even if you do have a few days off so i make plans to go to a retreat at least twice a year. Plus it is always a magical treat to get away from the children and animal responsibilities.

Giving yourself the gift of retreating is an ultimate self-care gift. So many times we look at all the other ways we can spend the money but giving it to yourself to rest & restore pays for itself. After that needed reflection time you come back in full force and with a much clearer head to combat your life. Sometimes I even come back and give my life a good overhaul & change-up. Having that time to sit back and actually look at my life gives me time to fine tune it and see what i do and do not want in it. I let go of the past and stuff that no longer serves me while putting in place my new intentions.

Retreating is always a big fat “YES” to yourself and feeling worthy of this time.

With me living in Byron Bay & on the Queensland border I’m surrounded by natures beauty all up the coast. On my quest lately to find my next retreat venture I have come across this Health retreat Queensland

Eden is a nature sanctuary set in the Currumbin Valley in the Gold Coast Hinterland and is Australia’s longest established health retreat. Being hidden away it gives you absolute seclusion but with a little luxury. Catering for all your needs & giving you a tailor-made experience with so many choices.  The space is designed to nourish your mind, body & soul with a range of activities, Spa treats & a refreshing swimming pool. With you being in control of how much you do or not do is a gift in itself plus not having to prepare meals is a big key point for me. Eden has a delicious & healthy whole food dining experience that will help reset my system & best of all no washing up.

I always come back from retreating feeling relaxed, restored and also totally alive again. Giving me that sacred time to gather myself from the busy pace of life. My mind is so much clearer and lets me really work out where I want to go in life and how.

Why not make your next holiday a retreat instead.



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