Good Morning with Bliss Fit Foods.

Good Morning & back to work for me today.

Had a wonderful time at my Yoga Retreat & love my affirmation cards Alyssa Michelle Yoga .

Starting my day off right with a Golden Turmeric Latte Gold Spice paired with the Cacao Raw Superfood Slice 😋 Bliss Fit Foods.

This Slice is so delish while being 100% Organic, Gluten free, dairy free & Vegan.

Bliss Fit Foods Do a amazing range of Raw goodness that keeps me satisfied.


Wishing you all a fantastic start to the week.

Swipe to see my photo from this mornings beach walk 🤩.


#blissfitfoods #yummy #paleo #raw #healthy #turmeric #goldspices #goodmorning #beach #ballina #activated #vegan #dairyfree #cacao #juanitaheart #yum #delish

Cup & plate from @beneaththetreefern .


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