Packing my Bag for my Yoga Retreat.

Getting my bags packed for my Yoga retreat this Thursday. Looking forward to Meditation, Yoga and long bush walks.

My last @theyogaboxau gave me all the goodies i need for a few days away plus some fabulous affirmations to keep coming back to.

I love using Bamboo toothbrushes and so happy so many brands are now offering them. A simple step to start cutting plastic out of your life plus when your finished with it just compost it. Glad to see now @grantsofaustralia has The Whitening toothpaste with baking soda & mint. I have been using it all week & love the taste 😁 plus making my pearls sparkle. My @wotnotnaturals Wipes are something i take everywhere with me, always come in handy & loving my sample bottle of natural cleaner from @koalaeco . Packing my @eleosskincare Charcoal soap to for some skin detoxing.


@theyogaboxau My perfect little treat for Self care, Self love and some me time.


Check out @theyogaboxau And use code JUANITA for $10 off your box.


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