Bliss Fit Foods Vegan Granolas

Starting my week off with a delish treat from Bliss Fit Foods paired with a cup of Organic Turmeric with Coconut & Cacao Golden Grind


Bliss fit foods have a huge range of tasty & nutritious Granolas & Clusters. These are hand crafted with love, activated, raw, gluten free and Vegan. Today i am into the Cacao Crunch With Cinnamon Granola. You know something is good for you when you can feel it’s goodness while eating. This is all natural wholefood with no additives, preservatives and refined sugar free.


You may ask what does Activated mean? Well nuts are soaked in water to start the sprouting process then dehydrated at a low temperature. By soaking them you break down the phytic acid so they can be digested easily. Germinating your seeds & nuts give you the maximum nutrients out of them. .

So Bliss Fit Foods makes sure all there treats are packed with the highest nutritional value. All ingredients are Organic also.

I have worked my way through this whole range & my taste buds are more than happy.


Eat right with Bliss Fit Foods


I got my Turmeric from Sassy Organics my one stop store Use code JUANITA10 for a discount.


Happy Mondays 😀.


Cup and plate from @beneaththetreefern .


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