Healthy Snack time.

Satisfyingly good is how i like to snack. Nothing like a good cup of Gold Spice Byron Bay to get my day started paired with some Certified Organic Super Orbs from @superorbs . These totally delish Orbs are so filling & packed full of nutritious ingredients. Since i have been getting up earlier i have Started liking snacks with Cacao earlier in my day, Giving me that extra get up & go in my day.

I got these @superorbs in my Vegan snack box from Hi Pro Snacks check out previous post.

I must say i love my Chakra cup from Fizz Pop Creations i use it every morning for my Turmeric milks. Great quality to & made in Australia.


Well wishing everyone a super Sunday 🤩.

I’m off to go do my beach walk them come home for some self skin pampering.


Nourish yourself inside & out. Do what makes you shine 😀.


Plate by @beneaththetreefern .

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