Moringa Tea & Bliss Fit Clusters.

Starting my day off right with a Moringa Tea, some delish Paleo Clusters and a spread of my Mantra cards from My Yoga Lifestyle

This Moringa Tea from The Herbal Teacup boosts the immune system, improves eye health, fights fatigue & has anti inflammatory properties. It is highly nutritious packed with Vitamins & Minerals as well as high in Protein.

Pairing this tea with the Nutritious & delicious Bliss Fit Foods Chai Carrot Cake Raw Vegan clusters making me ready for my day. Off to a fabulous start 😀.

I was at the beach this morning at 5.30 to see the Moon, it was so full & bright. Feeling it recharging me while the sun slowly come up, such a magical moment of the morning.


Have a magnificent day people! You are Alive & You are worthy.


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