My Dry Shampoo Experience

Dry Shampoo is something New for me so i was super excited to try it.

I got my hands on the Tabitha James Kraan Dry Shampoo in Dark hair from Sassy Organics

This is Vegan, 100% natural & is 90% certified organic.

So what is a dry shampoo?

Well it is a handy on the go way to refresh your hair without shampooing. Comes in a bottle of fine powder you rub into hair & roots.

It will refresh & revitalize your hair without striping your shine. Also help balance your oil production & volumise on the go.

Key ingredients are Chickpea, Millet, Chestnut, Comfrey & Burdock root with a infusion of Essential oils of Lavender, Lemongrass & May Chang.


The packaging is so stylish it is a pleasure to have in my handbag. I have been using after work if i am going somewhere straight from work. I easily pat powder through my hair and brush through letting it freshen it up. After sweating all day & having super long hair it really does give my hair a great lift & a bit of volume back into it. Well now i have used it I’m happy & will definitely purchase again.


Suitable for all hair types and comes in a few shades. Get your hands on this at Sassy Organics and use code JUANITA10.


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