The Herbal Teacup range.

Food is thy medicine & i love some top quality herbs with therapeutic properties.

The Herbal Teacup is a family business consisting of some avid gardeners, a naturopath, a super handy man & some helpers.

Bringing us some Naturopath crafted tea blends, capsule range & Iced Teas.

Really happy to see Gumbi Gumbi & Moringa in their range which is sometimes hard to get.

I have started myself on the Moringa Capsules & having a daily Moringa tea. I also have a Gumbi Gumbi Remedy roll on & a Shut Eye tea to try.

What do all these wonders herbs do? Or have you even heard of Gumbi Gumbi before?.

Stay tuned i will be bringing more information soon with my seperate reviews.


For now it’s Tea Time so head over to The Herbal Teacup & check out this delightful range.


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